WR ON1 Curves Preset Collection 1

The ON1 Curves Filter offers very precise control of the tonal and colour channels of an image. The curves are represented as a graph (‘green dot’); All covers the Luminance tones and there are individual curves for each of the Red, Green and Blue channels which allow you to manipulate these colours within the tonal range.

Though the Tone Curve is a simple tool for editing your images, creating a collection of Curves presets can be quite a laborious task; The WR Curves Collection 1 has been created to save you that work and it contains 25 presets.

When in use, any may be modified to taste and subsequently saved as an additional preset if required.

on1 curvesHowever, the following is a quick overview of the process :

    • On launching a Curves Filter the curves default to a straight diagonal line.
    • The bottom left point is your blacks, and the top right point is your whites.
    • The area in between makes up the other tonal ranges, such as mid-tones and shadows
    • Changes to the Curve are achieved by placing any number of Control Points along the line (‘green dot’).
    • Key Point – dragging a control point above / below that diagonal line (Luminance or Colour Channel) will darken / lighten that region.
    • You can also vary the impact of a curve by using the various controls shown by Red ‘dots’ or Blend Mode and Opacity (‘magenta dots’). NB: the ‘Skin’ slider basically affects mid-tones.
    • Once you have finished adjusting the Curve and you would like to keep the effect as a preset, then go to the Main Menu > Settings > Save Settings as a Preset.

NB:: When making any adjustments to a colour channel you will effect it’s complement on the Colour Wheel, so for example, if you add to Red you will naturally reduce Cyan.


If you have any actions, presets, tips, worked examples  you would be happy to contribute and join others helping people get off to a good start with their photo processing, pay your knowledge forward ! 


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