Vignettes Pt 2 – Gradient Maps – Photopea

vignetteWhy use traditional dark vignettes when you can have coloured vignettes ? In Part 1, we began with the simplest form of vignette created by using black, white or average colour to create a dark / light / complementary vignette. In this part we will look at using Gradient Maps to create vignettes.

To get you off to a good start we have created an Action that delivers a variety of coloured vignettes.

Indigo vignetteThe Action will ‘run all’ the gradient map coloured vignettes. You can get a good idea of each of the colours by looking at each Layers’ Thumbnail, after which you can ‘switch on’ any selected vignette layer to view its’ impact. The Layers Blend Mode is preset to Soft Light and 100% opacity.

You may adjust the Opacity and/or Blend Mode of any colour’s layer and even combine the effect of 2 or more vignettes by leaving their respective layers switched ON.

If you have any actions, presets, tips, worked examples  you would be happy to contribute and help others off to a good start with their photo processing, pay your knowledge forward ! We are happy to help with putting material together.



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