WR Free Black/White LUTs Set 2

This set of 24 LUTs is the second in the White Rose Black and White series.

It’s best if you ensure you have finalised the quality of your image before applying a LUT as they are really meant to be used to ‘polish’ an image and NOT as a ‘quick fix’ to an image which is lacking in some way. The LUTs may be used with B/W or colour images, though with colour images if you drop the Opacity, original colours will start to show through.

The impact of any LUT may be modified by duplicating the LUT layer, changing its’ layer blend mode or varying opacity. You can also combine LUTs by loading several into individual layers and modifying th

eir impact by switching layers on/off as well as changing layer blend modes and/or varying opacities.

Full installation notes in the README.pdf

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