WR Free 15 Desert Air LUTs Set 1

This set of 15 LUTs is the first in the White Rose Desert series.

Make sure you have finalised the quality of your image before applying a LUT.

Full installation notes in the README.pdf

The LUTs may be used in Photopea, Polarr, Affinity, ON1, Luminar, Photoshop and any other processing software which supports them. For Photoshop and Photopea users an Action is included which will run all the LUTs against an image. There are also 3 varied desert related images (from Pixabay) which may be used to understand the impact of the LUTs.

The impact of any LUT may be modified by duplicating the LUT layer, changing its’ layer blend modes or varying its’ opacity. You can also combine LUTs by loading several into their own individual layer and modifying their impact by switching layers on/off as well as changing layer blend modes and/or varying opacity’s until you get the result you require.

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