WR 10 Coloured Vignettes

vignetteWant a change from your normal black or white vignette ? Get 10 of our coloured vignettes for free ! The download contains an Action (Photopea and Photoshop) which creates 10 layers, each with a different coloured vignette.

Apart from the regular black, there are : Indigo, Golden, Orange’ish, Malachite Green, Woodland Green, Fire Engine Red, Cyan, Azurite Blue and Halloween vignettes.

The layers are preset to Opacity at 100% and Blend Mode of Soft Light – which makes them quite unobtrusive. However, if you wish a stronger impact you can either change the blend mode to Overlay (or any other which appeals to you), and / or run the Action again and create two layers.

You may also consider running two different vignettes, possibly varying the blend modes and thus creating your own colour vignette. Experiment and enjoy !

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