Windows Computer Running Slow ?

quick tip logoHave you noticed that your computer is suddenly slowing down or that your disk drive is continually ‘thrashing’ ?

The natural tendency and one that appears to the case on many photo editing software social media pages is to blame the latest update to whatever photo application is in use.

win10 logoBut that may not be the case – a process called Modern Setup Host (SetupHost.exe) may be the issue as it causes high CPU usage and high Disk usage in Windows 10 (which can be as high as 100% constantly) as long as the process is running which can be from 30 minutes up to several hours.

Typing Ctrl Alt Del will bring up the ‘Task Manager’ and you will be able to see if it is the case, or whatever it is that is slowing down your computer, and you may ‘End Task’ it if you are in the middle of some urgent work, BUT, it will come back………..more details here.

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