White Rose Free ON1 Sepia Presets 1

sepia shadesThis free collection of Sepia toning LUTs for ON1 comprise 2 sets of 10 LUTs in each set. The LUTs may be played against full colour or mono images. These LUTs are also available for a range of other applications – here for Set 1and here for Set 2 .

sepia imageInstallation:

    • Load an image
    • To install LUTs that are included in a .ONpreset file, simply drag and drop the .ONpreset file onto the application icon to install it,or
    • From the menu choose: File > Manage Extras > LUTs.
    • Select the LUT(s) from your file system.
    • Choose to import them into an existing category or create a new one.

ON1 Helpdesk has more detailed instructions at https://bit.ly/2Dg5HY8

The 10 LUTs in Set 1 are:

    • 1st Base: Standard Sepia conversion with good tonal range.
    • Almond: A mid strength effect over the entire tonal range.
    • Antique: Quite low contrast.
    • Balanced : Similar to 1st Base but stronger midtone effect.
    • Chocolate Orange : Medium Sepia effect with a strong Orange tint over the tonal range.
    • Creamer : Light effect focussed on highlights decreasing to very little effect on the shadows.
    • Raw Umber : Strong yellow effect on the sepia throughout the tonal range.
    • Really Rusty : Strong Tawny effect with a low contrast.
    • Soft Vintage : Soft Sepia effect over the entire tonal range.
    • Surface Rust : Lighter, brighter and less in your face compared to Really Rusty.

And in Set 2:

    • About Shadows: Deep and rich tones in the shadows.
    • Bright: Lifts the shadows.
    • Dark Low Contrast: Speaks for itself !
    • Flat: Focus is on the lower midtones.
    • Maltese: Similar to ‘About Shadows’ but less crushed.
    • Range: Lifts the lower midtones.
    • Strong Extremes: Strong sepia throughout the tonal range.
    • Twine: Strong Tawny effect over a reduced tonal range.
    • Very Light: Highlights, highlights, highlights !
    • Yuma: Lighter and brighter with good contrast.

If you have any actions, presets, tips, worked examples  you would be happy to contribute & help others off to a good start with their photo processing, get in touch – pay your knowledge forward !

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