What’s inside your Chromebook ?

cog screenIf you own a Chromebook and you’re not sure what hardware it contains then grab Cog a lightweight, but detailed system performance monitoring tool available for Chrome on your PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Chromebook/box device. It can be found here Chrome Web Store (for Chrome) or here Google Play Store (for Android).

Cog is not only a great way to take a look at the hardware you have but it will also give you a peek at how much CPU and RAM usage your device is currently consuming. If your Chromebook appears to be struggling, you can open Cog and see if the CPU or memory is being tapped out. From there, you can open the Chrome OS task manager to see what’s causing the problem.

Cog is available at no cost and is an Open Source project developed by Google staffer and high profile Chrome advocate François Beaufort