Turn websites into a Chromebook desktop App

Extracted from an original article on ChromeUnboxed.

A web application or ‘web app’ for short is a piece of software that runs on a web server or a remote computer instead of being installed locally on your machine like traditional software applications. A web app differs from a static website because it provides interactive functionality as well. They’re changing the way we think of computing and in many cases, replacing traditional software applications!

So, stop opening frequently used websites as Chrome browser tabs and start harnessing their power in a more exciting way by turning them into icons – follow these simple instructions:

      • Visit your website of choice.
      • At the top right of the web browser, click the three vertical dots (the ‘more’ menu)
      • Three-quarters of the way down the menu, you’ll see ‘More tools’ – click that
      • Move your mouse over to the new menu that’s popped up to the left of it and click ‘Create Shortcut…’
      • You’ll see a dialog box appear at the top centre of your screen. Check the box that says ‘open as window’ (This allows it to open in its own standalone window with its own icon) and click the blue ‘Create’ button.
      • That’s it! You’ll see the newly created web app icon on your Chromebook shelf at the bottom. It will also show up in your launcher.

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