Triptych & Tricolour Gradients 1

flag of SenegalThis collection of Gradient Fills uses the tricolour flags of 10 countries which when used individually or in combination, along with various layer Blend Modes and Opacity can create a killer look for your images.  There are also a great way of creating unique triptychs.

The flags of the following countries were used: Armenia, Belgium, France, Gabon, Germany, India, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Senegal.

The download contains an Action and a Gradient file which work in Photopea and Photoshop. The Action which will create layers for each of the ‘flags’ and the Gradient file can be loaded into either application. Note:: Due to Photopea’s implementation of gradient fill, the Action does not create vertical panels for Belgium, Mexico, Senegal and France some user adjustment of the the angle of the fill is required.

car + india flag imagecar + senegal flag image






Abandoned car plus the flag of Senegal                                                   Abandoned car plus the flag of India

triptych image

composite image






Using the flag of Senegal in a triptych

Two images plus the flags of Germany and Belgium

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