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challenge iconThe Histogram in cameras and processing software is a graphical representation of the Shadows, Midtones, Highlights (SMH) of an image but to understand how editing could affect an image you must be able to recognise them. CAN YOU ?

First GO HERE for a guided exercise and then TAKE THE CHALLENGE.

Each challenge contains 5 different images.

  • SMH Challenge 1 – Download the Challenge 1 Originals, print or use an image editor and mark up the areas you consider are Shadows / Midtones / Highlights. You can then download Challenge 1 SMH to compare the results.
  • SLMHMH Challenge 1 – With another copy of the Originals, do the same for the Shadows / Low Midtones / High Midtones /  Highlighlights. To compare your results, download Challenge 1 SLMHMH.

For a more detailed overview, see the pages starting here.