Squoosh (updated after testing)

squoosh logo“Squoosh is an image compression web app (see here for a post on web apps) which you can access by loading its webpage (https://squoosh.app) on any of the major web browsers.  Although it is intended for use with images to be included in a website, you could use it to compress your personal photos.

Compressing image files on Squoosh can be exceptionally quick and easy, or highly thorough and precise dependent on which settings you choose. At the centre of the screen is a slider, which can be dragged left and right. This is for comparison of how the image looks before and after compression.

We found we could get a 65 to 80 % reduction when ‘squooshing’ a typical landscape JPG of 1.21MB at a quality setting of 75%. The result showed no serious degradation, certainly none that would be noticeable on a website / social media. Pushing the quality setting to 95% typically reduced the saving of around 50%.

Having images stolen when posted to social media or sharing sites is quite common. ‘Squooshing’ any images results in smaller file sizes and better quality results than those achieved saving jpgs.

Squoosh is an experimental, open-source development project run by the Google Chrome Labs team on GitHub.

original image
Original Image
squooshed image
Squooshed Image

See a complete guide here.