Simple Split Screen Tutorial Pt 2

quick tip logoIn Part 1 we showed you how to create a split screen effect with the minimum of effort. In this part (and it is best to understand part 1 first), we are going to build on that and illustrate how to take the process to the next level and offer alternative options for displaying the effect of edits or illustrating the effect of the changes made to an image.

Again, these quick tips are suitable for both Photoshop and Photopea users. Referring to our previous illustration (bottom of page). At point 2, if you want:

  • To put the ‘split’ on the other side, press Cntrl I or Select>Inverse
  • A horizontal division just split the image accordingly.
  • A diagonal split, then replace point 2 with:
    • Select the Pen Tool
    • Anchor it at one corner, go to two others, then
    • Return to the start point to complete the triangle.
    • Press ‘Make Selection’ – see image below.
    • Cntrl I or Select>Inverse to select the other half.




  1.  To work non-destructively duplicate the Background Layer and switch it off.
  2. Using the Rectangle Select, split the image into 2 halves.
  3. Launch an Adjustment Layer, in the example I used the Black & White and the layer will be masked automatically.
  4. Launch another Adjustment Layer, eg: ‘Curves 1’ select the B&W layer mask.
  5.  Press and hold the Alt key, drag it over the ‘Curves 1’ layer. Step 5 is unnecessary in Photopea.
  6. Answer ‘Yes’ to the Replace Layer Mask Question.
  7. Repeat from 4 to 6 to add additional Adjustment Layers.

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