WR ON1 Desert Air Preset+15 LUTs

WR ON1 Desert Air Preset+15 LUTs

This set of 14 LUTs is available as individual LUTs and as an ON1 Preset.

It’s best if you ensure you have finalised the quality of your image before applying a LUT as they are really meant to be used to ‘polish’ an image and NOT as a ‘quick fix’ to an image which is lacking in some way. The LUTs are really meant to be applied against colour images but you may find some interesting results if played against mono images.

Full installation notes are in the README.pdf.

The impact of any LUT may be modified by duplicating the LUT layer, changing its’ layer blend modes or varying its’ opacity. You can also combine LUTs by loading several into their own individual layer and modifying their impact by switching layers on/off as well as changing layer blend modes and/or varying opacity’s until you get the result you require.


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Size: 7.7MB
Version: V1.0