WR 15 Simple Split Gradients

WR 15 Simple Split Gradients

We present a set of 15 Gradients. When used as a Gradient Fill the resulting effect is a simple split screen base colour to transparent gradient and when used as a Gradient Map, the gradient is a simple transition from the base colour to white.


      • Finalise image quality before applying either form of gradient.
      • When using either Gradient Fill or Map it is best to set the Blend Mode to Color, other modes can have ‘interesting’ results. Varying Opacity will also affect the level of impact.
      • Used as Gradient Fill, the top half of the screen retains the original colouring, the colours of the bottom half are affected by the gradient colour.
      • Used as Gradient Maps, the impact of the colour is a regular transition from the shadow tones fading through the tonal range to white, representing the highlights.
      • Gradients may be combined by adding additional Adjustment Layers.

Whilst toning black/white images is a prime use for Gradient Maps they can also be really useful for creating richly coloured images and even for mimicking traditional cross processed looks. Although you may achieve similar results for some effects using the Split Tone or Tone Curve functions, a broad   collection of gradients can help get effective results more quickly.

death valley 1
Ochre Gradient Map
Ochre Split Screen Fill
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Version: V1.0