White Rose – Free Landscape Gradients & Actions

White Rose – Free Landscape Gradients & Actions

white rose free actionThe download contains 15 Photoshop and Photopea Gradient Actions along with the relevant Gradient file which may be loaded into either. The only real difference between the two Actions is that ‘Snapshots’ are implemented for the Photoshop version, but that facility has not as yet been implemented in Photopea.

The download also contains a ‘pdf’ file containing contact sheets created by playing the Actions against 2 images – ‘ The Grot’ in the English Lake District and ‘Park Avenue’ near Moab UT to help understand the potential effect on one of your images, as it really can vary dependent on the nature of the landscape.

The following images both have the ‘Red Rocks’ Gradient applied.


The Grot
The Grot
Park Avenue








To install the Action in Photoshop

      • Drag and drop the WR Landscape Gradients PS.atn to the Photoshop work area, or
      • Double click on it and it will load directly into Photoshop

To install the Gradient in Photoshop

      • Main menu > Layer > New Fill Layer > Gradient > on the drop-down click on gradient > then select ‘Load’ from the next drop-down and load Landscape Gradients PP and PS.grd from your filesystem

To install the Action and/or Gradients in Photopea

      • Drag and drop WR Landscape Gradients PP.atn and / or
        Landscape Gradients PP and PS.grd onto the Photopea work area
Size: 896MB
Version: V1.0