White Rose 20 Free Landscape LUTs

White Rose 20 Free Landscape LUTs

lut logoThe third set in the ongoing series of LUTs primarily targeted at Landscape images.

The README FIRST.pdf gives full instructions for loading them into Photoshop CS6+, Luminar, Affinity, Photopea, and Polarr.

Note :: LUTs are meant to be used to ‘polish’ an image NOT a ‘quick fix’ to an image which is lacking .

Each LUT has a nominal usage but, don’t let that constrain you experiment ! The impact of any LUT may be modified by duplicating the LUT layer, changing its’ layer blend modes or varying opacity. You can also combine LUTs by loading several, then modify their impact by switching layers on/off until you get the result you require.


There are 20 LUTs in this set.

    • B Flat – lowered by a semi-tone – darker and flatter.
    • Blueinite – Compresses the tonal range and adds a touch of blue.
    • Cool Down – Cools the colours across the tonal range.
    • Crunchy Gold – Golden darker tones.
    • Crusher – Darkens Blues and Greens.
    • Dusty Times – Dust storm at a distance.
    • Forgotten Fields – Reduces tonal range and crushes greens.
    • Green Fields – The opposite to Forgotten Fields.
    • Green Finch – A Cyan filter.
    • Matt – Reduces tonal range and creates a matt finish.
    • Medium Warm – An warm afternoon in early Autumn (Fall).
    • Plantain – Washed out colours – minimal shadows and midtones.
    • Pretty Flamingo – A gentle lowering of contrast and a boost for the magenta range of colours.
    • Red Rock Lift – A boost for the Navajo sandstones.
    • Ripe Corn – Late summer harvest time.
    • Rose tinted – Mid-summer colours.
    • Vibrant – All colours get a boost.
    • Woodlands – Deep in the forest where colour is muted.
    • Yorkshire Dales I – Strong tonal range emphasising the forests and fields.
    • Yorkshire Moors I – The emphasis changes to the moorland heather.

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If you have any actions, presets, tips, worked examples  you would be happy to contribute & help others off to a good start with their photo processing, get in touch – pay your knowledge forward !

Size: 5.1MB
Version: V1.0