Photopea – Free sketch, paint or wash action.

Photopea – Free sketch, paint or wash action.

white rose free actionNB:: Photopea ONLY – From White Rose, a free, 3 in 1 simple Action which will allow you to create a ‘pen and ink’ sketch, pastel paint or colour washed version from one of your photos. It works best with images which have well-defined objects rather than those, blue skys for example, that hive minimal contrast.

Full instructions on how to install and use are included in the download. In summary:

    • layer stack imageSelect your start image.
    • The ‘Ink Sketch’ is shown when the Action Ends.
    • If there is too much detail, double click on the Threshold thumbnail and lower the value.
    • To add colour raise the Opacity of the Colour layer to taste, around 50% is typical.
    • To create a colour wash, reset the Colour Opacity to zero and raise the Opacity of the Fill Layer, around 80% is typical
    • To change the colour of the Fill Layer, double click on the thumbnail and select a colour.
    • An ‘interesting’ effect can sometimes be achieved by switching on the ‘Wash’ layer when either the Colour or Fill layers are selected.
waterfall start image
At end of action
Ink Sketch







pastel colours
Pastel Colours
fill layer





fill and wash layer
Fill and Wash




Of course, you may switch on any permutation of the layers, adjust opacities and/or for additional effect, change the blend mode of either the Colour and Fill layers to ‘Dissolve’, or the blend mode of the ‘Wash’ layer to any of the modes. It’s all down to how experimental you want to be !





Size: 188KB
Version: V2.0