Isolate Combine Exclude Color

Isolate Combine Exclude Color

LUT imageThis set of 15 LUTs is all about isolating and selectively combining or excluding colours from an image.

Every one has most probably seen images with a little girl in the red coat, or a mono image of a bride but with red lips; These LUTs however, will allow you to isolate any of the Red Green Blue and Cyan Yellow Magenta (RGB & CYM) colours and also offers some combinations of colour inclusion and exclusion which offer alternative ways of processing an image.

The installation process is detailed in the README.FIRST file but essentially it is:

    • From the menu choose: Image > Adjustments > Colour Lookup.
    • Select one/more of the LUTs via your system file manager to upload.

The LUTs have been created specifically for the sRGB colour space and comprise:

    • The ‘A’ series – isolates a single colour eg: A Blue.cube.
    • The ‘ Combine series – isolates a number of colours
      eg: Combine Blue Cyan.cube.
    • The ‘Exclude’ series – includes some colours by excluding others
      eg: Exclude Yellow Green.

There is one special exclusion and that is Exclude All.cube which in fact creates a mono image.

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If you have any actions, presets, tips, worked examples  you would be happy to contribute and help others off to a good start with their photo processing, pay your knowledge forward !

Size: 3.14MB
Version: V1.0