Instant Autumn Action & Affinity macro

Instant Autumn Action & Affinity macro

The download contains a Photoshop / Photopea Action and an Affinity macro. Both use one of the settings created in our Selective Color Adjustments 1 pack – download here.

They create an Autumnal look for a summertime shot of a deciduous woodland, like this –original image                                                                                                                                                                  Which becomes

finished image





Of course, your results with any image may vary dependent on the mix of colours in it.


    1. Initially the Blend Mode is set to Color so only the targeted colours are affected, not their luminosity or tonal values.
    2. To vary the effect of the preset – duplicate the layer and/or vary Opacity and Blend Mode.
    3. Areas where you do not want the preset to effect may be masked out.
Size: 260KB
Version: V1.0