Ancient Egyptian Gradient Actions

Ancient Egyptian Gradient Actions

The Egyptian Gradients Action for Photoshop CS6 upwards and Photopea present a set of 15 Gradients based around the six main colour groups used by the Ancient Egyptians which were green; red; blue; yellow; white; and black.

Important Notes ::

  • The ZIP file contains both Photoshop and Photopea actions.
  • The gradients are intended to work with mono images though they can be used with coloured images.
  • Finalise image quality before applying the gradients.
  • There must be a single layer when any of the actions is run.
  • The Gradients may be run individually or all together (Photoshop Only).
  • Gradients may be combined by just switching two or more on.
  • Each Gradient has a preset Blend Mode and Opacity – they may be varied to taste.
  • A Snapshot is created in the History Panel (Photoshop Only) when one / all Gradients are run.

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Size: 162 KB
Version: V1.5