Duotone Gradient LUTs 1

Duotone Gradient LUTs 1

lut logoThis set of 17 LUTs is the first in the White Rose Duotone Gradients series.

The LUTs are implemented with an Opacity of 100% and a Layer Blend Mode of Normal. They may be used with B/W or colour images. NB:: If working with a colour image you will need to lower the Opacity to get the effect.

The impact of any LUT may be modified by duplicating the LUT layer, changing its’ layer blend modes or varying opacity. You can also combine LUTs by loading several, modifying their impact and switching layers on/off until you get the result you require. You may also adjust the Blend Mode to vary the effect.

In either case, make sure you have finalised the quality of your image before applying a LUT.

Size: 6.49 MB
Version: V1.1