5 More SMH challenges

5 More SMH challenges

Editing layersA supplementary activity to the Shadows, Midtones, Highlights recognition exercise at Guided Exercise 1 though it may be performed independently.

Once again, the primary objective is to help you train yourself to better recognise and assess the various tonal areas which are so key when processing your images.

In the download there are 5 different image Groups.

  • The Groups are Boat, Camas, Moors, River and Yachts.
  • Each Group has layers for Shadows, Midtones and Highlights.
  • All will be switched ‘OFF’ when the file opens.
  • Select a group and switch it ‘ON’.
  • Open up the group using by clicking on the drop down arrow.
  • Switch ON the JPG layer and try to fix in your mind the coverage
    of each of the tonal groups.
  • Alternatively print off the image and mark it up.
  • Switch ON the Mono layer to avoid any colour contamination.
  • Switch ON each of the Shadows, Midtones and Highlights layers in turn to see the coverage.
    Switch OFF one Group before moving on to the next one.
  • Any areas in an image which remain solid black or white means they were very close to having no data, they are otherwise known as being ‘clipped’ areas.

NB:: Your software must be able to handle Photoshop PSD files. If it doesn’t then, as a no cost solution,  we suggest you use Photopea, the browser based editor which does support PSD.

The README FIRST (now updated) document contains all the necessary instructions.

After unzipping 5 more SMH challenges.zip

To install in Photoshop
◦ Drag and drop the .PSD file on to Photoshop work area, or
◦ Double click on the PSD and launch Photoshop, or
◦ Main menu > File > Open > 5 more SMH challenges.psd

To install in Affinity
◦ Drag and drop the .PSD file on to Affinity work area, or
◦ Main menu > Open > 5 more SMH challenges.psd

To install in Photopea
◦ Drag and drop the .PSD file on to Photopea work area, or
◦ Main menu File > Open > 5 more SMH challenges.psd


Size: 40 MB
Version: V2.1