Preset Error B/W Layer CS6 Photopea

quick tip logoIn a previous post we discussed how a Black & White Adjustment Layer can let us control the tonality of different areas in the black and white image using the image’s original colours as our guide.

The process is quite simple, after loading an image and duplicating it, you create a Black / White Adjustment Layer with its’ Blend Mode set to Normal. To perform the conversion, each application will present you with a ‘start point’ with a set of values.

Of course, if you set the Blend Mode to Luminosity, the original colour of the image should be restored.

Unfortunately the ‘start points’ modify the colours of the image – questionable you may think ! Well to test it is simple, open a colour image (or use this one).



      • Add a Black / White Adjustment Layer
      • Set the Blend Mode to Luminosity
      • Switch it on/off the Adjustment Layer and you will notice slight variations

How important is this ? In practice, perhaps not a great deal, but if you have determined a specific plan to adjust the colours of an image (Blend Mode – Luminosity), or adjust a black/white image using the colour sliders (Blend Mode – Normal), you should to be confident that you can adjust a single colour and that all the other colours will retain their original state.

settingsTo achieve a ‘neutral’ start point for CS6 and Photopea use these settings

Reds 30, Yellows 89, Greens 66,

Cyans 70, Blues 11, Magentas 40

In CS6 they may be saved by using the drop-down in the top right hand corner, but in Photopea, they need to be entered each time they are used.

It should be noted that issue does not arise in ON1 or Luminar where, as a default, all sliders are set to zero; But there is a difference in the Affinity start point of all sliders set to zero.

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