Free Photoshop SMH Action

HSM mapping coloursTeaching materials often ask the User to apply an idea, preset or specific activity to the Shadow / Midtone / Highlight (SMH) tonal ranges of an image. This presumes the User can identify those areas – which is not always the case.

smh demonstration

The free SMH Action builds on the Understanding Tonal Ranges section by providing Photoshop Users with the facility to create a ‘ coverage map’ of the tonal ranges.

The Action will create a map over a colour image but colour bleeding can occur, alternatively the Action can create a B/W image which can show the tonal ranges better. In either case, pure black or pure white will not be coloured and is a useful indicator of areas where detail may not actually exist, or where you need to focus efforts to recover detail.

If you have any actions, presets, tips, worked examples  you would be happy to contribute and help others off to a good start with their photo processing, pay your knowledge forward ! We are happy to help with putting material together.

The Action works with CS6 up.

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