PhotoDiva – Free Portrait Editor

PhotoDiva – free Windows software with one-click retouching for those who are new to portrait photography ! As is quite common now, it utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) and there is also a paid option (currently $29.40) which adds additional facilities :

    • Add dimension for a glamorous look
    • Blur image background to highlight face
    • Change or remove distracting background
    • Play with 100+ one-click photo filters

According to the authors – dull colours, lacklustre lighting, and blotchy skin don’t have to stay that way. You can fix it all for free in the PhotoDiva portrait photo editor! Get beautiful-looking portraits quickly by using one-click effects to make dramatic changes. Whether you need a boost of colour or a full face of makeup, this portrait software delivers amazing results automatically.

They highlight :

    • Remove blemishes automatically
    • Apply natural-looking beauty makeup
    • Swap backgrounds without editing for hours
    • For Women – Add a pretty glow and digital makeup
    • For Men – Sculpt a firm, masculine jawline
    • For Children – Brighten eyes, cheeks, and lips
    • For Seniors – Reduce wrinkles and age spots

And it works according to those who have done a full review of it and as it’s basically free there’s not a lot to lose ! Bur note: it is for WINDOWS ONLY.

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