Photo Editing Applications

Table iconThere is a great proliferation of photo editing apps, from the trivial to the complex and many demand quite an investment in time to make the best use of them. There is also a great variance in price which quite often does not reflect the functionality of the app.

So we believe that before you search for or download any editing app for your hardware platform it’s good to decide what you want to create, why and how much cost, time and effort you realistically want to invest. If you’re editing your photos for fun, you probably won’t want to make a big investment, in which case a simple but effective app will be a better choice than one more complex.

We have looked at low-cost applications for the majority of platforms as well as looking at applications best suited to Chromebooks thus giving you a low cost hardware platform too.

Hopefully these will provide you with the information you need to select the application / hardware platform most suited to your needs.

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