ON1 2021 Released

quick tip logoON1 2021 was made available to users at the beginning of November 2020. Immediate reaction by the user base has been largely positive though there was some confusion caused in the clean up tools. The following is a brief summary of the new features in ON1 2021, this page contains links to a series of ON1 short videos where Dylan Kotecki of ON1 goes into a bit more detail on each feature.

Scott Davenport also has 5 short but comprehensive videos on the key changes.

      • ON1 logoQuickly Add Clouds to Your Dull Skies
        • Turn a dull looking landscape into an amazing photo in just a few clicks using AI Auto, new Brush Shapes, and then finish with a preset.
      • Retouch an Entire Portrait Shoot Automatically
        • The portrait editing workflow in the new ON1 Photo RAW is a game changer.
      • Create Stunning Sunsets in Seconds
        • Perfect for popping your colors and creating the sunset you saw.
      • View Your Photos in All of Their Beauty
        • New Full Screen Preview mode.
      • Refresh Smiles in a Few Simple Clicks
        • Make your subject glow with very little effort.
      • Selectively Edit Like Never Before Using Colour Selection
        • Masking colour ranges is a breeze and super powerful for styling your images.
      • A Better Way to Erase Away Unwanted Distractions
        • Quickly remove dust spots, power-lines and unwanted people from your photos.
      • Find Your Duplicate Photos in Seconds
        • With the new Smart Organize Mode you’ll be cleaned up in no time!
      • Easily Change Colours of Objects in Your Photos
        • A new filter for tweaking or changing the colour of eyes, flowers, clothes etc
      • Quickly Find All Photos from Your Favourite Location
        • The Smart Organize mode is perfect to find and group your photos.
      • Make the Eyes Pop in Seconds
        • AI makes it faster to enhance details and colour, producing captivating photos.
      • The Best Photoshop Plugin for Editing Portraits
        • Portrait AI is going to give you professional quality results in seconds.
      • Presenting Photos for Your Clients
        • A full-screen slideshow with user-adjustable delay and elegant dissolve transition.

The latest version of ON1 Photo RAW Mobile is live on the iOS App Store and Google Play. You can learn more about it at this page.

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