Mobile Applications

At White Rose, rather than promoting premium editing tools, we are more concerned with identifying what we consider to be effective lower-cost editing tools so you can ‘learn to walk before trying to run’.

Photo Editing with Smartphones, Tablets and Chromebooks

This section concentrates on alternatives offered on mobile platforms such as tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones, typically using Android, OIS or Chrome OS.

There are a great number of websites which test and rank photo editors aimed at the mobile market. We have reviewed many of them looking for a range of solutions from advanced editing solutions to others that meet less demanding requirements. Most importantly, we looked for those which work across a cross section of hardware – the ‘long-list’ can be found here.

As with the desktop solutions, we have been careful to identify and not include in our listing is any application which, at the time of publication, has very little functionality and/or that brands your image unless you subscribe or pay a fee – where we feel a subscription or additional fee is fair value, it will be included.