Luminar – Add a LUT collection update

quick tip logoBy default Luminar expects a user to upload LUTs individually as and when required. There are major issue with that expectation – it expects the user to be aware of the impact of the LUT and it precludes comparison / experimentation and begs the question:

luminar logoCan you add collections of LUTs to Luminar, so they are available at any time ?

YES it can be done !

luminar lut listIn Windows – go to C:\Program Files\Skylum\Luminar 4\Data\LutFiles
In Mac we believe – Go to Finder then Applications right click on the Luminar  4 App then click on show package contents then follow this path “Contents / Frameworks / MPLuminar4Resources.framework / Versions / Current / Resources / DefaultLUTs”

and you will see 4 folders

      • CREATIVE

Just add a folder(s) of your LUTs that you would like available, but NOTE: the drop-down in the Luminar panel is very space inefficient, it is presented as one long list.

At White Rose we have deleted the 4 standard Luminar folders and replaced them with folders containing our in-house developed favourites.

Caution:: Any update to Luminar may overwrite any of the stored LUTs, personal or otherwise, so you MUST maintain a backup of any LUT folders in order to be able to reinstate them. Thanks Scott Davenport for the reminder.

According to Luminar 10 months ago – “Better LUT management is on our feature request list, but there is no ETA on implementation at this time. ” – and there still isn’t !

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