Launch Photopea from your desktop

photopea logoIn the past, the Photopea editor was launched by opening a browser and going to, but now they have made launching it simpler by an icon on your desktop. As with any other application you can simply launch it without having to use your browser or even have your browser open.

photopea on the desktopThe process for getting the icon on to your desktop is quite simple, just launch Photopea using the browser (for the last time!) and then from the main menu select ‘More’ and in the drop-down  select Install Photopea.

This will place an icon on your desktop which will enable you to launch Photopea without having to use a browser. This will work on any device desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or any other computer and as with the browser based Photopea, it does not upload any of your files to the internet, nor extract any personal information and it does mean you can use Photopea completely offline.

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