Landscape LUTs Set 1

lut logoThe first set in the ongoing series of LUTs primarily targeted at Landscape images.

The README FIRST.pdf gives full instructions for loading them into Photoshop CS6+, Luminar, Affinity, Photopea, Polarr and ON1.

There are 10 LUTs in this set.

    • Beautiful day – Warm with bright and contrasting colours.
    • Daytona Beach – Extra contrast, lower dark point, blended with a blue/orange colour grade.
    • Desert Days – Warm tones throughout and added contrast, for a very western and warm feel.
    • Light Teal ā€“ Orange – The teal/orange look often seen in movies, light teal in the shadow tones and slightly more orange skin tones.
    • Postcard – Exaggerated contrast, lower dark point, punchy colours, and blues changed to teal perfect for the picture postcard look for many landscape images.
    • Rocky shores – High-contrast and exaggerated blues.
    • Show off – A pop of contrast and very vibrant colours.
    • Stark – A high-contrast, desaturated look with a slight bleach bypass effect.
    • Sunny Afternoon – A warm, highly desaturated look.
    • Warm & Hazy – A very warm look with desaturated cool colours and over-saturated
      warm colours.

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