Install Flatpack on Chromebooks

Chromebook IconOn your Chromebook


  • Enable Linux support – Navigate to chrome://settings, and scroll down to Linux (Beta) and turn it on. Chrome OS will take some time downloading and installing Linux.
  • Start a Linux terminal – Press the Search/Launcher key, type “Terminal”, and launch the Terminal app.
  • Install Flatpak – run the following in the terminal –
    • sudo apt install flatpak
  • Add the Flathub repository by running –
  • To complete setup, restart your system.
  • Now all you have to do is install some apps – there are 500+ available – go to the Flathub home page

Who develops Flatpak

An independent community, made up of contributors, volunteers and supporting organisations. It is an open source project, dedicated to providing technology and services that can be used by all, with no vendor lock-in. They have strong links to other Free Software projects.