How to Pick a Colour outside of Apps

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The Eyedropper tool in Photoshop and Affinity is very useful for selecting exact colours but it can also be used to select colours anywhere on the desktop, including the images created by other application such as spreadsheets, browsers, videos etc.

NOTE:: a point sample size can cause localised colour issues, so set the sample to 3×3 Average.

To select any colour from outside of a Photoshop or Affinity image  :

    • Select the Eyedropper tool
    • Left-click-and-hold the eyedropper tool inside of your image, then
    • Keep holding the left click and drag the cursor outside of Affinity / Photoshop to any other window or application.
    • Sample the colour that you like, then release your mouse button, and the sampled colour will appear as your new Foreground colour.

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