Get the washed-out look

quick tip logoIf you would like to give an image the washed-out look of an old print, the process is really quite simple and only takes a few steps and can be accomplished in most any photo processing software which allows layers and curves adjustments:

          1. If using a coloured image – turn it into a B/W one
          2. Add another layer with a solid colour, typically some level of Sepia
          3. Add a curves layer.

For this Quick Tip we are using one of our Tinting LUTs (Orangino) which creates a tinted B/W image, we then add the tone curve, drag the very bottom of the diagonal curve line upwards, and drag the top right point downwards, we then dragged the mid-tone upwards a touch.

This lifts the blacks, mid-tones and lowers the whites giving an overall reduction in contrast and creating a retro feel.







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