Free Sepia Actions and Washes

mummy brown sepia

The download contains our Sepia Action Set 1 which contains 12 Actions.

The first 9 each create a sepia toned image using simple 2 colour gradients, the Actions are:

Mummy Brown – Gold
Red Oxide – Marzipan
Umber – Porsche
Quincy – Dragons Blood
Peat- Spring Sun
Black Morocco – Tana
Modified 85 Filter
Maroon Ember – Ivory

The final 3 create the impression that a Sepia ‘wash’ of varying intensity has been applied to an image – that is to say, that there some residual colour of the original image remains, they are unsurprisingly :

Light Colour Wash
Medium Colour Wash
Heavy Colour Wash

and extract README.pdf

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