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You can select specific application or global effects from the list under the Free Downloads listing to the right of this paragraph specific to hardware, function, operating system etc as appropriate.

We provide a variety of free photo editing downloads which include presets, actions, functions etc for applications based on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and iOS devices. To keep updated on the free downloads, use the blog subscription form in the right hand column or at the bottom of the page.

LUTs – essentially say map these colours (say red, green, blue ……..) to another colour (say magenta, pink, yellow …….) –  Our LUT colour grading sets could save you hundreds of hours of guesswork trying to achieve a professional colour grade as they can be used in a large number of editing applications.

Presets, Macros, Actions – where supported by a photo editing package, are basically a recorded series of adjustments you made to one photo so that when working on another you can simply click that recording and it will automatically repeat all those steps. It’s essentially a time saving effort to apply the same effect to multiple photos at once.

textured iconTextures / Backgrounds – are basically an image of a textured surface which you can apply to part or whole of your own image to give it depth or the appearance that it’s printed on canvas, paper, metal, stone and more !

The downloads represent a significant amount of work by ourselves and our contributors, please review  our Terms and Conditions before downloading to make sure you fully understand and accept them.

If you have any actions, presets, tips, worked examples  you would be happy to contribute and help others off to a good start with their photo processing, please get in touch, just use the following form – pay it forward !

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Cube image by Sarah Williams from FreeImages