Mini Review Colourising B/W Images

It is well understood that colourising images can be done in many standard applications such as Affinity, ON1, Photoshop etc and also using certain specialist Windows or Apple software, but, for an application to be considered in this review it must be both low-cost and work within a browser, thus making it accessible to the majority of potential users.

In our review we searched the web and having looked at 15 applications it was very apparent that several used the same api (application programming interface) and (unsurprisingly) all will do a really good job on any images they provide for testing. So we subjected each to 3 of our own images (2 of less than optimum quality) and used our findings to create a shortlist which is as follows:

      1. Best Overall Image Colorizer – Various free / paid options, no watermark, 5MB size limit.
      2. Best for casual use – Free to use, no watermarks, has a split before/after view, some loss of image quality and creates a smaller output file.
      3. Worthy Mention MyHeritage – uses the technology created by Deoldify – free trial with watermark, to remove it you’ll have to join MyHeritage.

For the final comparison we took one of our colour images, converted it to Black/White and ran that through each of them without making any intervention. The results were as follows:

Converted to B/W
Original Colour Image
Image Colorizer

Note:: We would probably have given a Worthy Mention / Best for Casual Use to as it is free to use, apparently without limit and watermark BUT, although it worked quite happily with it’s own test images it would not upload ours ! Additionally be aware it does not recognise file types in capitals. 

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