NCH Photopad Editor Quick Review

nch logoNCH Photopad Photo Editing Software – Quick Review



    • Photopad Free and Paid versions for Chromebook, Win10, Android, Kindle.
    • PhotoPad Cloud Free and Paid versions for Linux, ChromeOS, iPad.
    • Free versions for non-commercial use.
    • All offer a reasonably simple and accessible interface but it does feel rather dated.
    • Supports many RAW and common file types.
    • Offers a wide selection of basic editing tools.
    • Upgrade cost is quite low Photopad currently $30.00, Cloud version $10.00.

PhotoPad is a good editing option for those with little experience in fine-tuning and manipulating their images, or those who want to make quick corrections to an image. The software has a dated but uncluttered interface and many tools, some of which are reasonably advanced.


PhotoPad is a desktop and mobile photo editing that has many of the same features found in mainstream packages – history, filters, contrast and colouring adjustments etc, and is particularly suited to those who share a lot of personal images on social media as it allows you to quickly edit/promote images on phone / tablet or Chromebook without needing an expensive photo editor.

When editing images you can perform common tasks such as crop, rotate and resize, introduce toning effects, perform red eye reduction as well as changing the images’ hue, saturation and brightness levels. The software allows you to preview effects before applying them and maintains a history of those applied. The history feature enables you to delete any applied effect(s) without removing all the others.

In addition to the basics, PhotoPad offers some advanced tools which include auto level curves and improving image quality and focus with blur, sharpening and noise reduction tools, liquid resize and the merging of images / multiple exposures to create panoramas and High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. Text and captions can also be added to images.

PhotoPad supports many RAW files as well as JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP and 20+ other popular formats including PDF. Once you’ve edited your images, you can save them locally, to networked drives or cloud services.

NCH has a variety of customer support options for it’s software. There are numerous video tutorials  to take the newcomer from getting started through to the final printing of an image, a manual, FAQ sheet, forum, and the option to contact technical support.

As a low cost solution that works consistently across a variety of platforms it is well worth considering.

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