Editing Software

Many ‘industry standard’ photo editing applications are expensive and overkill for the casual user. They can create additional costs – hardware, courses, support tools etc which can be essential, especially if you are to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

When considering what application to use you really need to consider your artistic objectives, level of confidence with its technologies, your experience in photo editing and your needs for printing or sharing. If you only want to make a few adjustments (eg: remove minor blemishes and improve colours etc), a simple tool will do the job well without overwhelming you with technicalities.

Too many newcomers make the mistake of jumping straight into complex editing packages and then find themselves frustrated at the time it takes to learn how to do even the most simple things – as with anything else, there is a need to learn the basics – no one learns to fly an aircraft by simply reading the manual or watch a few on-line videos.

At White Rose, rather than promoting premium editing tools, we are concerned with identifying those we consider to be effective lower-cost editing tools. To that end we have reviewed many websites which test and rank the best free / low-cost photo editors and determined a ‘long-list’ of applications that cover a cross section of capability and complexity. The list can be found here .

We have been careful to avoid any application which, at the time of publication, has very little functionality unless you subscribe or pay an additional fee unless we feel it gives good value.