Take the Challenges

Many people find it hard to visualise the extent of tonal ranges which is why we created the Guided Exercises.

If you have completed them, or feel confident you can visualise the tonal ranges without following the exercises, then you may like to take the following challenges to test your understanding.

Each challenge contains 5 different images.

  • SMH Challenge 1 – Download the Challenge 1 Originals, print or use an image editor and mark up the areas you consider are Shadows / Midtones / Highlights. You can then download Challenge 1 SMH to compare the results.
  • SLMHMH Challenge 1 – With another copy of the Originals, do the same for the Shadows / Low Midtones / High Midtones /  Highlighlights. To compare your results, download Challenge 1 SLMHMH.

Now, with the experience gained do the same for the Challenge 2.

Challenge 1 Originals
Challenge 1 SMH
Challenge 1 SLMHMH
Challenge 2 Originals
Challenge 2 SMH
Challenge 2 SLMHMH

Let us know how you got on or if there are other areas where you think we could help.

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