Black/White Adjustment Layer 101

There are multiple methods are available for converting a colour image to black and white from reducing the saturation value to 0, converting to Grayscale mode, or more obscure methods such as converting an image to Lab Color mode and starting from the Lightness channel, or picking the best-looking of the red, green, and blue colour channels.

However, all these are either destructive or too complex for general use. The next few pages will cover the use of the Black / White Adjustment Layer as a preferred non-destructive, flexible and very easy method of creating the best Black / White images.

Black / White Adjustment Layer & Tinting

A four part ‘beginners’ series of posts for those who have not used one of the most flexible Adjustment Layers available in most post processing applications.  

        • Part 1 – Using the adjustment layer to create a Black/White image.
        • Part 2 – Using the adjustment layer to modify the colours of an image.
        • Part 3 – Simple tinting
        • Part 4 – A step up in tinting.

We have used Photopea to demonstrate the use of the method, but the processes hold good for every implementation of the Black / White Adjustment Layer we have encountered.