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quick tip logoA common problem in photo editing is in making precise edits to a small area but being unable to see their impact on the wider view without continually zooming in and out. The purpose of this mini-tutorial is to demonstrate a simple way to overcome that issue – creating a second window for the image.

alexander falls bc

This is our start image – Alexander Falls, south of Whistler, British Columbia.

Now say, for some reason or another, I wanted to paint the letter ‘F’ onto the rock face. I would have to really zoom in and of course, lose sight of the overall image and the affect my ‘painting’ would have on it.

So there is where the second copy of the image comes in useful.

To create the second copy –


Main Menu go to Window > Arrange > New Window for filename – in our case Alexander Falls.jpg

The next step then is to get the two versions of the image viewable at the same time, in our case given a portrait style image  go to Window > Arrange > 2-upvertical.

You should now see both windows side by side showing exactly the same image.

As both windows are showing the same image, any edits you make in one of them will be instantly reflected in the other.


Process Summary

      • Load original image
      • Main Menu > Window > Arrange > New Window for ‘filename’
      • Main Menu > Window > Arrange > 2-up Horizontal or Vertical
      • Make edits zooming in/out as required.
      • NB: Cntrl 0 will always return an image to fit its’ workspace
      • Save when completed.

full image


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