digiKam 7.1.0 is released

quick tip logodigiKam is a free advanced open-source digital photo management application with a comprehensive set of tools for importing, managing, editing, and sharing photos and raw files that provides a realistic alternative to Adobe’s Lightroom. It runs on Linux, Windows, and MacOS and most mid to top range Chromebooks using their Linux environment.

digikam logoA little more than a month after launching its big version 7.0.0 release, the open source asset manager digiKam is back with another update . The update is mainly ‘maintenance’ or bug fix changes, but it does include some minor new features, amongst which are – expanded Canon CR3 RAW metadata support, extended capability to read a greater amount of Exif tags, including colour profile and GPS data.

digiKam organises photos, raw files, and videos into albums. But the application also features powerful tagging tools that allow you to assign tags, ratings, and labels to photos and raw files. You can then use filtering functionality to quickly find items that match specific criteria.

digiKam uses the excellent LibRaw library, which is actively maintained and regularly updated to include support for the latest camera models, for decoding raw files

In addition to filtering functionality, digiKam features powerful searching capabilities that let you search the photo library by a wide range of criteria. You can search photos by tags, labels, rating, data, location, and even specific EXIF, IPTC, or XMP metadata. You can also combine several criteria for more advanced searches. digiKam relies on Exiv2 library to handle metadata tag contents from files to populate the photo library.

Map view with photo positions overlaid.
Map view with photo positions overlaid.


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