Black/White Layer 101 Pt 4 – Tinting 2

checker boardIn this final part of the ‘beginners’ series of posts regarding one of the most flexible Adjustment Layers available in most post processing applications – The Black/White Adjustment Layer we will be  building on the last post and taking tinting to the next level.

Once again we will use the ‘End of the Road’ image, picking it up from the point of it having been converted to Black & White and initially tinted as we did in Part 3 Tinting 1.

The key to further developing the tinting is using the sliders (as we did in Part 1) which are an integral part of the Black & White Adjustment Layer so simply move each colour slider in the Properties panel to the left and to the right to see what the effect for each may be and then settle on the permutation which meets your artistic objectives eg:

The original image with a sepia tint and initial slider values:

original sepia imageinitial settings







The final image and final slider settings:

final image

final settings








The car and sky were darkened by decreasing the red (affects the rust), cyan and blue (affects the sky) values whilst the green and yellow were increased (affects the grass and sage)  to create a stronger contrast. Note: the Layer Blend Mode is set to ‘Normal’. Of course, as was discussed in Part 2, if you were to change the Blend Mode to ‘ Luminosity’ then you’d see the impact on the colour image.

initial colourfinal colour






And of course you could also vary the blend mode and/or opacity to get other results – they will be the subject of a more in-depth follow up.

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