Black/White Layer 101 Pt 3 – Tinting 1

checker boardThis is the third in a ‘beginners’ series of posts regarding one of the most flexible Adjustment Layers available in most post processing applications – The Black/White Adjustment Layer. In this post we will be  discussing how to go beyond a straightforward conversion and add a tint to an image.

car in colour
car in bw



To demonstrate the process we’ll use the ‘End of the Road’ image. To use it for tinting it would need to be converted to Black / White using any method but for this post we have just done a simple conversion using the Black & White Adjustment Layer and its’ ‘standard’ adjustment (see Pt 2 if you need a reminder).






To add a tint is quite simple but varies slightly from application to application.

For Photopea:

photopea tinting
1. Tick the ‘Colorize’ check box above the sliders.

2. Use the Color Picker or set values for one of RGB / HSB or Hex.


For Photoshop:

cs6 tint

1. Tick the ‘Tint’ check box above the sliders.

2. Use the Color Picker or set values for one of  RGB / HSB / Lab / CMYK or Hex.



For Affinity:

Unlike Photopea and Photosop, Affinity requires an additional adjustment layer – Recolor – for tinting.

affinity tinting

Note: the image is a composite, it is not actually possible to have both layer panels open at the same time.

To set the tint colour you can either:

1.  Use the HSL sliders, or

2. Type values directly in their boxes.





For ON1:

ON1 Tint


NB: At this point we are only looking to create a uniform tint to the image.

1. Add a Black & White filter

2. In the ‘Highlights’ section either use the colour picker and enter values for Hue and Amount, set Balance to 50

3. In the ‘Shadows’ section enter the same values for Hue, Amount and Balance.







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