Adobe Lightroom image loss SNAFU

Rely on ‘the Cloud’ at your peril.

Many people who downloaded Adobe’s latest update for Lightroom’s iOS app have found their photos and presets are no longer accessible.

Adobe has now confirmed the issue, and it’s also said that the data is gone for good. Of course, they “sincerely apologise to any customers who have been affected by this issue.” and have now released an update so it won’t happen again – another example of rushing something to market without thoroughly testing it.

The issue specifically affected Lightroom mobile users without an Adobe cloud subscription, as well as subscribers with photos and presets that hadn’t been synced to the Adobe cloud at the time of the update.

In an ironic twist, Adobe noted that although they have no backups, some customers might be able to recover their data from iPhone or iPad backups.

LOCALLY BACKUP YOUR SYSTEMS – Don’t rely on ‘cloud’ services.