Actions to add borders to images

Choosing a border for your images is not always a simple matter. Many people default to black or white or perhaps what they consider to be a suitable pastel colour, but if you want to give your art a bit more of “oomph,” you need to spend some time considering the colours in the image itself.

Typically, if you choose a colour which  complements the predominant colours in the image, it will add to the overall feel, however, if it is too similar to the dominant colour the viewer will quickly become confused and the focus of the image will be lost.

In a previous post we discussed finding the average colour of an image. In this post we suggest that using its’ complement can be a means of determining a suitable border colour. Additionally the size of a border can be significant and we have chosen a consistent percentage based on the ‘Golden Ratio’ and as the image is resized before the border creation, no image data is lost.

To help you determine which colour to use we have created a number of Actions for Photoshop and Photopea. The Actions also allow for a user selected border colour too – see the README file.

If you have any actions, presets, tips, worked examples  you would be happy to contribute and help others off to a good start with their photo processing, pay your knowledge forward ! We are happy to help with putting material together.

To illustrate the effects we have chosen a Black/White image and a full colour landscape.

agathla peak






Following is a suitable complementary border






Then with a black border, a white one would equally detract from the subject.

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