Google Photos app redesigned

The redesigned Google Photos app has reduced the basic navigation down to a three-tab structure and gives more prominence to your photos and videos.

The tabs at the bottom of the app are now Photos, Search, and Library. 

The top of the app has a chat icon for your shared conversations, a Chromecast button, and a user avatar for your settings.

The ‘Photos’ tab is still the default when you open the app but the layout has changed. It features larger thumbnails, auto-playing videos, and a condensed layout with less white space between photos.

Additionally, the ‘Photos’ tab now features a larger, portrait-style layout of the Memories carousel above the main photo grid and has more types of Memories added.

The ‘Search’ tab now has multiple sections – so you can easily find the photos.

The Places section includes an interactive map that you can pinch and zoom to see where you have taken pictures and then click on a particular location to see all the photos from that area, organised by date.

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